Why Live in the Country?

Why have people chosen the places where they now live? 

Economics? Business? Work? Education? Family Roots? Friends? Safety? Values? Weather? 

How many people have really thought about it and consciously made a choice?

Where do you wish to live your life?

Country living may not be for you or your family. You may not want them raised with the values of the "simple life". Having thought about it considerably, it was my choice to raise my child here where family values are of prime importance and where neighbors still know one another. With this lifestyle as her foundation, she can choose from what life has to offer and what she wishes to experience from this foundation. She will have a sound quality reference point in her life from which to start.

Many things are changing, some for the better and some for worse. With the advent of the computer and the internet, many reasons for having to live in a certain place no longer exist. People are realizing they can find anything they want and usually at the best possible price, from anywhere. You no longer need to live  near the Mall to shop!

What do you think all those people who are running successful city based businesses are thinking about? When threats of anthrax and terrorism exists, are people still focused on being consumers? When the power goes out temporarily, how will you swipe a purchaser's credit card? But then you say, the internet won't be working either! Where is it more likely to happen, the city or the country? (If the power goes out permanently, where would you rather be?) When the water stops flowing from the faucets, what will the  consumer be buying from your city located business? If you were able to pick any location to live and not have to sacrifice your business or quality of living in doing so, or could even improve it, where would you live?

Up until recently, people have chosen to live where they believed they could best survive and where an economically favorable environment existed for their trade or business. This has a lot to do with where your friends and family are. I have seen whole families relocate after thinking these thoughts collectively. Today's political climate and world politics requires us all to re-evaluate our choices in living. What do you think will happen to quality rural property when those people, now having to live in the crime infested cities to conduct their businesses, discover they no longer have to? Many are moving out of the cities, searching for their very own little homestead where they can enjoy their lives and not have to be so protective of their families and belongings. It is so common that there are many publications popping up on the newsstands. We are now seeing the reverse of what happened during the industrial revolution. Astute people are moving out if the cities instead of into them. Quality of life and safety from the influences brought in upon us from the rest of the World are no longer provided by the masses crowding into cities. The media coined words of "terrorism" and "biological engineering" has brought about a new view of where one might wish to live. The new "gold rush" for quality rural living and quality parcels of land has barely begun!

For the first time in history, the choice of where to live is no longer dictated by proximity. It will soon be where there is a true sense of connecting for the best "quality of life".

What do you want from life?

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