Next to the shores of Lake Norfork

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The key to Real Estate Value

What is value when it comes to real estate? The slogan has always been “Location, location, location”. What is omitted is the question of “What is its primary intended use?” Is it for business, commercial, sky rise, development, farming, or just good quality of living? The “highest and best use” should be considered equally important to location. Would you want a hunting recreational property in downtown New York? What do you want out of the area in which you and your family wish to live life? Is water and fresh air of any concern? Do you like wildlife and nature? Is privacy of value to you? Do you want to grow your own food to avoid the poisoning from pesticides and irradiation processes threatening your physical health? Would you like a place where you could fly home and park your own airplane on your own airstrip?

Where else within the boundaries of this United States can you still find lake views on fertile ground teeming with the potential for abundant plant and animal life. Where the proven potential exists for complete self-reliance while also being convenient to all the shopping amenities we may require. Where can you find a living “location” these days not constantly threatened by earthquakes, volcanoes, tornados, power outages or water shortages? Where can you buy large parcels of easily accessible life sustaining property, not located in some arid or economic desert for under $4,000 an acre?  Where is this “Location” for your living value?

Location, Location & Location - but for what desired use? 

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Shown below is an aerial photo of the acreage being made available. It is from a recent professional aerial photograph taken in late1999. It covers the north-west portion of the property but does not depict the very short distance location to the shore of Lake Norfork and  Bennetts Creek tributary flowing along the northern border. From this view the 2900 sq. ft. two story house with attached three car garage and entrance driveway can be seen. The detached barn to the south can also be spotted. These buildings are slightly west and north of the center of the property. This view shows the approximate border lines which have been drawn in. There is more to the east than is shown here.

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Appointments to see property by contacting:

Arkansas Ranch 2838 CR 46, Henderson, AR 72544


(870) 405-1144

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