Satellite Terra Server 8 meters per pixel area.

Now it might be more difficult to find the Ranch. Look right and down of center for the largest squares of tree lines. Ever expanding view showing more of  Norfork Lake and it's tributaries.  All shores of Norfork Lake are insulated by the Army Corps of Engineers property. These were created when the Lake was made. This Ranch shares its northern border and some of its western border with the Army Corps.

 Looking from the bottom right, County Road 46 can be spotted running north. That road best marks the eastern property boundary. You can make out the two roads intersecting CR 46 just before the Ranch property and Bennets Creek just after it. This road starts curving to the right near the main drive entry to the property. From this view you can get a good perspective on just how large a piece of land 380+ acres really is. Country Road 47 is somewhat visible here running west to east and ending by intersecting CR46 at the lower right.

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Arkansas Ranch 2838 CR 46, Henderson, AR 72544

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