Western Southern Most Area Blowup 

This shows the approximate western southern most  portion. Only a small portion of the Ranch property is showing in this view. The vertical thick tree line going off the top of this view is part of the Ranch west side border.  A collection of mostly vacation homes can be seen at the left. This was once a vacation resort.

County Road 47 can be seen turning south and going off the bottom of this view. Just before that southerly turn you can see another small road traveling north west to meet it and across from it, a house. This triangle shaped notch of property with the house, is next to the Ranch western border. Just to the east of that house is a vague tree line meeting the County Road. That is the west side fenced border. It meets the road just southeast of the house.  From there the property border follows the road as it wanders south.

Arkansas Ranch 2838 CR 46, Henderson, AR 72544