South East Area Blowup 

This shows the approximate south eastern view. This is a partial view of the cleared plateau on the Ranch. You have County Road 46 to the right. If it is desired, much more land can easily be cleared for pasturing. It is not so easily returned to its current state however.


 County Road 46 continues its north-south direction along the eastern property border. County Road 46 is getting renovations and improvements currently, just past the Ranch property access driveway and eventually on its entire length into Missouri. Road construction consists of two new Bennet's Creek water spanned bridges and new paving up to them. A house, and the easily seen clearing of its surrounding border can be seen to the left of this County Road. There are no other outlying properties on the left side as it continues north to meet the main driveway entrance and the Army Corps property line.

Arkansas Ranch 2838 CR 46, Henderson, AR 72544