Aeroquip FC195 Complete Hi-Temp Hydraulic Hose 

A high quality "double braided" hydraulic factory crimped hose. A new never used hose that came from a contract order overage. These are blue with some fading from storage. Some fittings might exhibit surface rust. Cosmetic defects will not affect 100% rated usage. It is rated at a much higher temperature operating environment than other "shop" available hoses.

The standard hydraulic hose supplied at most make-up shops are single braid (called "double wire") and of much lower quality and use life. The terms "double wire" and "double braided" are not the same. The "double wire" hose is a single braided hose and a "four wire" hose is a "double braided" hose (like this one).  Aeroquip can supply reusable fittings for this FC195 hose. 

 Have this hose cut to your desired length and have any other type of fitting installed at any hydraulic shop or auto parts supply that makes up hoses. It is priced here at less than a third of a "single braid" Gates, Weatherhead or Parker hose made up.

Aeroquip Catalog Specifications:

 FC-195 Hose Price from Aeroquip (as of Feb. 1999)!!

 -12 (3/4" ID)  $28.74 per foot
 -10 (5/8" ID)  $25.02 per foot
 -8 (1/2" ID)  $21.11
 -6 (3/8" ID)  $18.11 per foot

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